Tom Meehan


Tom has had an interesting journey in his career. He spent much of his early years as an Investigator and Detective in the loss prevention management space with Home Depot, followed by Bloomingdales.  

With Bloomingdales, he spent 13 years in progressive capacities overseeing evolving data, technology, systems, investigations, and physical security. He eventually arrived into the tech leadership role as Director of Technology and Investigations, working to improve security functions and business operations as a whole. 

In 2017, he took on a dual role with CONTROLTEK USA as the CSO and CISOHe drove both the business’s evolution and the associated security solutions and technology from these two important leadership roles 

His time in these positions allowed Tom to shine, and the resulting outcomes resulted in the transformation of CONTROLTEKs industry reputation, market share, internal operations, and revolutionary technology’s rollout shaping the security and loss prevention marketplace. 

His areas of expertise include: 

  • Areas of security, loss prevention, asset protection, information technology, business optimization, market growth, and strategic planning. 
  • Niche subject matter expert in several areas that feed into topics that include: Dark web investigationsArtificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learningsocial engineeringcybersecurityhuman traffickingorganized retail crime (ORC)open-source intelligence (OSINT) monitoring, big data, Fintechdigital currencies, and financial fraud to name a few.

“It’s about putting in the time — while everybody else is watching Netflix, I’m reading books and doing research. If you don’t like to read, listen to podcasts. It’s all at your fingertips.”

Tom is also a thought leader with industry involvement to push for innovation, educate fellow industry practitioners, and guide the future of security. As part of his efforts, he has had the opportunity to become: 

  • Podcast co-host (CrimeScience) 
  • Keynote speaker 
  • Contributing writer and editor behind 150+ published articles (Law Enforcement Today, Loss Prevention Magazine, The D&D Daily at the D&D Daily), and board member of multiple industry-specific organizations (International Supply Chain Protection Organization, Loss Prevention Research Council). 

As you can see, Tom has a full spectrum of experience and active engagement in the tech space, and we of IT Labs are honored to have him in our tech leadership club. 


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