Denali Lumma

VP of engineering at Project Ronin

Denali Lumma is a technology executive with over 20 years of experience in startup to IPO, small, midsize and global companies running teams responsible for customer-facing product development for both consumer and enterprise, security, privacy, quality, infrastructure, reliability, and availability. 

She is a guest in out CTO Confessions podcast and in the episode, we talk about her turning the technical ship around. Her leadership resides in an organization that works hard to improve palliative careDenali Lumma, the VP of engineering at Project Ronin, shares her story and her leadership. Particularly on how sheher peers, and team pivoted a troubling technical situation and created a state of technical flow in the organization.

” I think it’s definitely the case that any effective framework, must be flexible, must be resilient, must allow for changes. The business, is very dynamic and, decisions are made, all the time, both internally and externally that will potentially shape, change the direction and the focus of the company and the teams within it. “

The best part is the improvements in care for patients. Feedback loops of care went from a month to days, allowing care-givers to be agile in improving the conditions of patients and enhancing their quality of life. Maybe even saving lives. 


Podcast: Healthy feedback loops improving cancer intelligence with Denali Lumma

Denali Lumma, the VP of engineering at Project Ronin, shares her story and her leadership. Particularly on how she, her peers, and team pivoted a…


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