Brian Roche

Director of Information Technology at George Best Belfast City Airport

Providing value to people, giving them something valuable – this is what most businessmen, CEOs, entrepreneurs, are all about. But the real success comes when you get these values with the head of product development, CTO, CIO, whatever – the one behind the scenes who’s at the core of product design, leading every phase. Brian Roche is one such special techie looking to provide value to people, with one eye on his team, and the other one on the customer.

Not every idea will seem elegant or simple, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work and be a success. Stick it out till the end.

With technology becoming fundamental in how we lead or day to day lives, tech leaders who deploy similar methods like Brian will be crucial in the way we do business, sitting at the forefront of all things that make life better, simpler, richer. 


Podcast: Driving productivity with positivity at Belfast City Airport with Brian Roche

The story of leading with a deeper purpose that serves the business In our episode with Brian Roche (Director of IT at Belfast City Airport), you can…


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