James Renshaw

James started life as a software engineer while working for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD). After which, he worked his way up through the ranks at a couple of enterprises. Building software for organizations such as Vodafone and BT (to name a few). 

His tech journey then moved into running software development teams within many industries, i.e., ISP, Insurance, Finance, IoT, and medical software. This built up a wide and deep experience in creating high-performing teams to deliver great business value. A skill and knowledge that he uses to great effect today.

“The worst thing you could do with a mistake is just compounding it. What we want to do is accept the mistake, own it, and then learn from it and, evolve.

While working as a consultant, he was introduced to Simon (the co-founder of The Modern Milkman). This was the start of James’s journey with an exciting new company. One with a deep purpose to eliminate plastics in the industry. Simons desire was to take the company and its systems to the next level. Straight from the word go, James was immediately impressed with the vision and drive of the business. Jumping on board was a no-brainer for him. And thus, in his own words, an exciting journey startedHe was onboard with a company for an innovative and purposeful ride. 


Podcast: Milking data for fresh ways to reduce plastic waste with John Hughes and James Renshaw

James Renshaw (The CTO) and John Hughes (CIO) at The Modern Milkman join us in this podcast to share their stories.


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