John Williams

CTO at Amplience

Energetic, driven, and with a track record that would make anyone in the IT industry at least a little bit jealous. John Williams, CTO at Amplience, is a master at matching tech with business strategies. Armed with knowledge from the Imperial College (MBA) and his experience in various industries, John’s a real asset to any brand or business looking to tackle highly complex problems that require leadership, innovation, and precision. 

Software development and creativity go hand in hand. That’s why anyone with the chance to make it in the IT world must always be ready to learn something new.

John shared some of his precious time with us, letting us pick his brain with various questions, while we listened carefully for every word he said. From equality at workplaces as the cornerstone of proper team building and teamwork, all the way to mixing that with a bit of competitiveness so that the best ideas win, John’s secrets and methods can help you not just in your professional, but also in your individual ventures. 


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