Shay Mandel is the VP of Product Engineering at Next Insurance, an Insurtech company that is disrupting the small business insurance industry, empowering small businesses and helping them grow sustainably. 

Software is a great way to delight customers and helps them solve their problems. As a developer and engineering lead, it feels me pride to see customers enjoy the software me and my team built.

Through his work in large companies as well as small startups, Shay has been able to utilize machine learning, agile methodologies, and engineering best practices to deliver software across domains such as enterprise software, e-commerce, ad-tech, fintech, and more. 


Podcast: Insurance for the Small and Medium Businesses with Shay Mandel

Time – it's the one thing that no one can’t control, no matter their skill or know-how. And for small and medium businesses, getting the needed protection and insurance in time is essential. Meet Shay Mandel, VP of Engineering at Next Insurance, a…

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