John Hughes

John is a Mathematics graduate and a data analyst by nature. Data and the potential for it to drive decisions and businesses is in his blood. So, you can imagine in this day and age, John is in his element. While some of us swim in it (data), John is doing cliff-top dives into the deep.

He started out his Career journey in Investment Banking. Then he made the smart move to startups in 2012, where he started to understand the amount of data available to a company and its potential. Even when the startups were in the inception stages.  John then tried to utilize this knowledge in larger corporates. Sadly, to little avail. This prompted the move to consulting as a digital data specialist. 

Just because you’re a leader, don’t be afraid to be wrong, and I could point to countless examples this week where I’m saying something that is probably wrong. And, as soon as I see the data turn, I make an apology to that person. The next time that they say something, I’m going to be listening with a bit more of an ear.

John became obsessive over digitally autonomous organizations. So much so, in 2017, his heart was set on building a data-driven organization. One that has data firmly in the driving seat. 

In 2018, John had a chance meeting with The Modern Milkman CEO, Simon Mellin. John explained his vision on what he wanted to do for companies around data. This sparked the synergy between what Simon wanted to achieve for The Modern Milkman and what John desired to create. A marriage made in heaven. Thus, John is fulfilling his dream.   

You only have to take a look at the success of The Modern Milkman. John’s passion for data and how it can guide an organization in collaboration with the wider organization creates a pretty elegant success.  

Well done to you, John, for following your passion. May the data force be with you. 


Podcast: Milking data for fresh ways to reduce plastic waste with John Hughes and James Renshaw

James Renshaw (The CTO) and John Hughes (CIO) at The Modern Milkman join us in this podcast to share their stories.


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