Marios Tsatsos 

Co-founder & CTO at Honest AI

Academia might not be the most entrepreneurial environment, but it’s definitely the one that has bred some of the best tech leaders and entrepreneurs in the world of IT. Marios Tsatsos, Co-founder & CTO @ Honest AI, is one such guy – he spent a decade studying the fundamental laws of nature, after which he decided to turn his love for physics into physics-inspired business & IT solutions.

Anything new you learn that is outside of your specialty, your job, is a thing that will add a new perspective to the world you live in, to the work you do, to how you approach anything.

From a strong belief in himself and his skills, all the way to his unrelenting drive to improve the lives of not just his teammates, but also his clients, Marios’ jack-of-all-trades approach is something tech leaders can learn a lot from. His success in academia and in business are a clear sign that transformation and adaptation is one of the pillars of being a good tech leader.


Podcast: Making real estate great again with Marios Tsatsos

Marios Tsatsos, CTO of Honest AI, once was a scientist in the Quantum mechanics arena and had a doctorate in the field.


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