Eric Harrison

Director of Engineering at Marketplacer

A techie that took the road of leadership, Eric Harrison is one of those mavericks that took on a somewhat meandering path but found the ultimate purpose that seems to be connecting all tech leaders – that it’s all about helping others learn new things, become better, and maybe even become tech leaders themselves! 

The key to guiding people to the answers they need is about asking the right questions – questions that come from a place of curiosity, first and foremost. Everything else is secondary.

From starting out as a curious techie, all through his journey to becoming where he is now, Eric has developed into a formidable leader that guides and grows teams and companies, helping them reach new levels, and ensure client satisfaction.


Podcast: Diversifying Through Tech and Leadership with Eric Harrison

Tech leaders are not just people who know how to lead. They’re people with an affinity for technology who enjoy helping others reach their goals,…


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