Deal Daly

Field CTO at Hammerspace

Deal Daly is an interesting tech leader. With many years in mergers and acquisitions, looking at technology from the outside-in. His journey gradually led him to lead infrastructure groups. For this reason, Deal has a very interesting perspective. He’s a business person with an acquired technology angle, and one that happened quite late on in his career. Meaning he has solid business acumen from years of real experience. Instead of businesspeople looking into the technology world, from outside-in, he’s a business person looking from the inside-out. Our conversations with Deal, the learning and insights, come from this perspective.

Deal is someone who is enthusiastic about startups and transformation opportunities with larger enterprises. His areas of focus are:

  • Leveraging the broadest possible technology landscape to drive revenue
  • Increase ‘Business Agility’
  • Optimize scaling capabilities
  • Build innovative teams.

He has enjoyed a fantastic track record with multiple companies, where he focused on driving revenue, customer growth, YoY investment savings and driving technical innovation in IaaS, PaaS, Cloud Hosting, Big Data, Automation, DevOps and Development.

His experience covers many areas:

  • Open stacks
  • Open computes
  • Multiple data centers
  • Cloud high availability operations
  • Enterprise software solutions
  • Driving a startup culture in established businesses
  • Innovation
  • An unrelenting focus on performance
  • Effectiveness and agility for businesses

In short, Deal is a driver of continuous innovation through building world-class teams

“There has to be a continuous economic evaluation in the technical world. Always to drive down the trajectory of the cost. That’s a continuous process, and it has to be in place. So you’re always looking to return money to the business, so that needs to do something that does require an in a substantive change, you’ve basically self-funded it. And that comes through continuous optimization and the continuous introduction of new technologies.”


Podcast: Transformation for Innovation with Deal Daly

Deal Daly,  Field CTO at  Hammerspace,  joined us for an enlightening conversation on the subject. With many years in mergers and……


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