Bela Labovitch

VP of engineering at athenahealth

Bela is a seasoned technology executive with success record showing her ability to create innovative state-of-theart solutions on time and under budget. When you speak to people, who have worked with her, you get the feeling she is a highenergy achiever. And it’s clear to see in her track recordWith her strong technology leadershipshe holds the collective organizational vision with clarity, around which she builds highperforming teams 

On Measuring and metrics and is it really that important: 

“I think as a leader, what should be important to you is the continual improvement of your teams. What should be important to you is the ‘signaling’ of something going wrong? So, make that time; it is important.” 

Her skills cover a wide spectrum of areas. These include the art of evaluating technologies and making strategic decisions, architecting solutions, establishing processes and best practices, and managing projects. She is a mindful leader and a great collaborator. Collaborating with executive management to create a technology vision and road map to meet all business goals and the new ones they see on the horizon. 

Areas of the industry she has proven herself in are: Healthcare, Pharma, Financial, Publishing, eCommerce.
When you speak to Bela about her work, her passion, and hopes, you will appreciate the importance of having leaders like this in every organization. It’s a heartfelt honor to have Bela as part of the IT Labs Tech leaders club.


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