Nicholas Woods

Nicholas is one of those great leaders who reflects on his own leadershipIn turn, he learns from others and passes the learning on to cultivate business and life-enhancing leadership in others.  

He is currently the Chief Information Officer for MAG, a leading UK airport group that owns and operates Manchester, London Stansted, and East Midlands Airports. He’s a passionate technologist and innovator. Afterjoining MAG in 2016 to lead the Technology workstream for the £1Bn Manchester Transformation Programme, he soon got promoted to Chief Technology Officer in 2017. He has been a key player in developing MAGs IT Strategy and was subsequently appointed CIO in 2018. 

On creating high-performing teams   and real powerhouses of creativity and innovation: 

You can absolutely train people to develop their skills. To give them the experience that helps them to do their job. But you can’t necessarily train people in terms of having the right attitude, having them want to take ownership, wanting to drive themselves forward.

Before becoming a senior leader in MAG, Nicholas spent 5 years in Technology Consulting with Accenture. Working with clients to successfully deliver complex systems integration and transformation programmes across several industry sectors. Prior to Accenture, he spent 6 years in telecommunications, where he led programmes across technology, engineering, and operations. So, you can see that Nicholas is a tech leader through and through. Its great to have him as part of the IT Labs tech leader club to share his wonderful wisdom with our tech community. 


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