Steve Books

CTO at Slingshot Technology

Steve Books is a real startup warrior, with multiple startups and successful exits under his belt.

He’s been a CTO and Senior Software Engineer for over fifteen years, with huge experience creating and managing software projects. His broad knowledge of programming languages and technologies puts him in an excellent place to lead the technological side of businesses. Navigating organizations in the right direction, in the present, and in the near future. His desire is to build a great product with excellent high performing teams. When you speak to Steven, you can see the passion and motivation around him to make this happen.

IT Labs love having startup CTOs in their community. We are kind of awe of them. Why?! Well startups are great teachers on how businesses can be more nimble, sensing, & adapting, and doing (getting on with it). They create the right conditions for innovation. Through their beautiful moments of failure and successes, we can garner revived thinking for our community of technology leaders.

“[the biggest learning point] for a lot of the projects was to get feedback and get it launched way sooner than later”

Well, it’s a pleasure to have Steve Books, CTO at Slingshot Technologies, join our Tech leader community. His enlightening discussions and advice through his serial startup journey is invaluable. So here’s your opportunity to get a look under the covers of someone with a startup mindset.


Podcast: SME tech leader tips, from a successful serial startup CTO with Steve Books

Steve Books, CTO at Slingshot Technologies, joined us for an enlightening discussion on his serial startup journey and being a starter-upper.


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