Maurice Jenkins functions as the principal advisor to the aviation director at the Miami on all matters related to information management and information technology. He has full strategic and tactical responsibility for the direction, planning, creation and operation of the Aviation Department’s information technology infrastructure, telecommunications services, application support, end-user support services and training.

“Always be prepared to be open, to communicate, and to engage – these are key to forming long-lasting relationships and shared experiences.”

Mr. Jenkins’ strategic vision has successfully culminated in the integration of new technology in the opening of the new South and North Terminals at Miami International Airport. In addition, the success of these new system implementations such as Propworks and PeopleSoft ERP show his technical acumen and dedication to serve the people of Miami-Dade County.


Fine-tuning Air travel through Tech with Maurice Jenkins

Air travel is one of the cogs keeping businesses running, and that’s why it’s vital that airports run as smoothly as possible, and technology plays a crucial role in keeping things flowing.

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