Arend-Jan Nijhuis

Data & Machine Learning Expert at The HEINEKEN Company

A maverick, a freelancer, but above all – a tech leader. Arend-Jan Nijhuis is a man with many talents, and one who built his name in the IT world after entering some specific fields back in the 90s when they were barely in their infancy, to end up being one of the most experienced tech leaders in the world of data and machine learning. From finance, all the way to modern data analytics and agile methods, Arend has done it all.  

Not all data you have or gather will be used, and not all of it is usable – but finding the bulk that will align with your business goals and what your clients and customers need – well that’s where success lies.

With an amazing career spanning more than three decades, and with diverse experience in various top-level companies, Arend is one of the best tech leaders that has ever graced the CTO Confessions podcast. 


Podcast: For the love of data with Arend-Jan Nijhuis

To help us tech leaders get clarity on this bonkers situation, we have Arend-Jan Nijhuis, a data expert who joins us on CTO Confessions...


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