Mimi Liu is Chief Technology Officer at Firefly Health, where she focuses on making quality healthcare affordable and scalable. Previously, she built the member experience engineering teams at Devoted Health to help improve the lives of seniors and led engineering for the electronic health record product lines at athenahealth. Mimi graduated from MIT with a BS in Computer Science, figuring that computing would allow her to hop industries to her heart’s desire. 

The key to getting the most of your teams is consistency in communication – as it helps nurture and keep the intensity and quality of the relationships on a high level.

As a leader of her own making, Mimi is one of those that works in an industry that’s a sensitive subject in societies these days – and maybe her work will be the big breakthrough that has been needed in the past two decades.


Podcast: Through Tech and Growth to Affordable Healthcare with Mimi Liu

Healthcare is a sensitive topic around the world, as it becomes bigger, and significantly more complex – not just from a technological perspective, but also from a financial and business as well.

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