Hamed Sadeghian

President & CTO at Nearfield Instruments 

Hamed Sadeghian is an incredibly fascinating tech leader. Alongside his role as a CTO & president of Nearfield Instruments, he‘s also an associate professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology. His particular area of academic expertise is Nano-Optomechatronics Instrumentation development at the Mechanical Engineering DepartmentHis areas of proficiency include Mechatronics systems design,  System architecture, Opto mechatronics, nanometrology, and nano-Opto mechatronics instruments (NOMI). Itsafe to say that Hamed is an impressive individual. 

“I see a future where humanity will solve many challenges in data, energy, and life sciences by a continuous miniaturization in device fabrication, down to the atomic scale.”

Hamed applies his vast expertise and inbuilt ambition to developing technologies that enable exploration and exploitation at the atomic scaleThus leading the findings to real-world applications through collaboration with industrial partners.  

In 2016, he co-founded Nearfield Instruments, provider of Process control equipment for the semiconductor industry, where he is now the President and CTO. 

He holds more than 60 patents, authored more than 70 technical papers, and to add to this impressive run, he has also co-authored a book. And in the context of research papers, he is also a recipient of several best paper awards.  

Its great to have a tech leaderbusiness leader, and academic leader like thiin our portfolio of guest‘s 


Podcast: Creating tech for chip manufacturers atomic metrology with Hamed Sadeghian

Niches don't get any tighter than this. Our guest Hamed Sadeghian, President and CTO of Nearfield instruments, shares with us his voyage to the helm…


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