Marcus Lambert

CTO at Omobono

Marcus Lambert is the CTO of a fascinating branding and marketing company, Omobono. His passion and the collective role of the company are to enhance the brand of their clients through user experience. As Marcus puts it, “Experience” is the new brand. Speaking to him, you get a real sense of why this is important. You can feel his passion. In shortMarcus is a person who measures success by delivering an elegant UX on time and within budget to create the brand experience that the end cliendesires for their companies’ image and also the end-user experience.  

My goal is to continually improve as a leader, technical evangelist, and strategist as I deliver products that exceed expectations while delivering on time and on budget and to work with talented and passionate people who share those same values and goals. 

Through his leadership, Marcus creates a culture of business value delivery on the foundations of the Agile values and principles. He is a true Agilist who sees where the real Agile benefits reside, i.e., bringing to life the core values and principles, not just talking about themFrom this, he creates a high trust culture, thus exercising his passion for life-affirming leadership and highperforming teams. 

On the technical front, he delivers software that exceeds the expectations of the business while being scalable, extensible, maintainable, traceable, secure, compliant, and performant for his clients year on year.  

Its great to have Marcus in the IT Labs Tech leaders club, as he brings a similar mindset to IT Labs way of working (the Agile Mindset), and shines a light on a more modern form of branding. 


Podcast: The art of digital experience with Marcus Lambert

In this information-obsessed modern world, marketing takes on many forms. And a word that gets banded around a lot (and quite rightly) is brand.


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