Lachlan Laycock 

CTO at Stuart 

Lachlan’s story is the one we’ve seen so many times in tech leaders – they do their magic in big companies, getting them on the map, and after a while they get that itch to go out and their own thing. A bit of freelancing, starting a few companies, and then getting into the core of it – as tech leaders do. And all that helped him become a household name in his field – by delivering innovative tech solutions which scale with business growth. 

The second you get out of the reactive stance, it’s the moment you enter the proactive stance – you start planning, preparing, and executing plans for the future. This is what your teams will see, and they’ll start doing the same. That’s what leadership is all about.

As a techie, his experience varies from giants like Amazon, all the way to exciting start-ups, and that ‘can-do’ approach and diversified portfolio is definitely one of the things that drew us to him to ask him to sit down with our one and only TC Gill and spill the secrets of his works. 


Podcast: Tech’ing up the last-mile with Lachlan Laycock

Lachlan Laycock, the CTO of Stuart, joins us to celebrate his lessons learnt and his team's efforts...


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