Andrew Vorster

Founder at Innovation Catalyst

Having spent over 35years driving innovation across a wide range of roles and industries, Andrew has built up a reputation as a passionate technologist, innovator and disruptor.  

He started out as a programmer, moved into hardware engineering and then consulting, which positioned him well to step into subsequent CTO roles before becoming the Vice President of Technology R&D at Visa Europe.

“Don’t wait to read about your future as history made by someone else.

Now a published author with a background in research and a qualification in foresight, these days he is best known for “Igniting Innovation Initiatives” through his briefings, keynotes and workshops in his work as an independent Innovation Catalyst. 


Catalyzing Innovation Through Understanding with Andrew Vorster

Tech leaders are people who know how to inspire and drive others forward, shake things up, and change our perspective. In simpler terms? They are…


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