Marc Roberts 

CTO at hiyacar

Marc Roberts is a tech leader who likes to gravitate around simple yet strong mission statements. He believes the clarity of the statement and repeat exposure to it creates successful alignment with leadership, facilitating the collective efforts to realize the desired outcomes.

His technical know-how isn’t just about delivering technology (outputs); it’s about customer-centric outcomes that make life easier for all stakeholders concerned.

“If you’ve been working on something for a long time and then, it gets big and it starts growing, it’s kind of your baby. It’s all yours now. Thousands of lines of code that are only yours, and you’ve got to just let go and trust other people to take over in certain areas and build upon that. “

His leadership style is one of super awareness–one where he fully practices the art of knowing when to get out of his teams’ way so that they can take ownership and do their best work.

As the CTO at hiyacar, he and his colleagues believe that you don’t need to own a car to drive one; it’s sharing cars that keep communities moving. Marc’s passion is to create teams of practical revolutionaries, helping members of hiyacar, day in, day out.


Podcast: Making Car Hire As Easy As ABC with Marc Roberts

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