Jeremy Basset

Founder and Managing Director of CO:CUBED

Jeremy is a passionate man. Passionate about helping corporates turbocharge the way they partner with startups to deliver tangible business results. And from what we’ve seen here at IT Labs, he has a great concept to deliver on his passions.

When you speak to Jeremey, you realize there has never been a more important time for corporates to engage with the disruptors, and there are still far too many corporates who are struggling to optimize their engagement model. At the company he has founded, CO:CUBED, their ambitions are to make impactful startup engagement programs as ubiquitous as a broadband connection.

Before launching CO:CUBED, Jeremy was responsible for initiating and scaling Unilever Foundry, Unilever’s global platform, to connect with startups. During this time, Unilever piloted the technology with over 150 startups, giving rise to partners who are now bringing cost efficiencies, improved effectiveness, and more sustainable solutions to the way Unilever does business. The rest of the CO:CUBED crew have similar experiences at companies like Tesco, Diageo, and elsewhere.

We have please to have someone like Jeremey in our community. A real innovator in the way innovations can be generated, shared, and encouraged.

“… we’re going into a new era now where it won’t be… step-change transformation, but just ongoing incremental innovation that happens every day and over the medium to long term. [i.e. consistently] deliver[ing] ongoing transformation.”


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