David Kell

Interim CEO at GYANA

Crossing fields and industries is not uncommon among tech leaders, but it’s uncommon to trade academia to end up as a tech leader – and succeed at your first try. David Kell, Co-founder & Interim CEO at Gyana, did just that. Starting out as a physicist, he dived headfirst into the tech world during his academic years, and hasn’t looked back since. Founding successful startups left and right, and earning his marks all the way through is just part of what he’s achieved in his journey as a techie. 

Filtering information is one of the hardest things to do as a leader. Sure, listening to your team and doing your research can help tons, but in the end, it’s all about following your instinct. Trust your judgement, your idea.

Transitioning from a research scientist to CTO is a herculean feat, and considering all the obstacles he faced, and how he went about assembling teams, leading, and succeeding, we just had to have him come in and share his experience with us on CTO Confessions.  From assembling teams of ‘good people’, all the way to setting a business on its course by finding its focus, David’s MO is something that will surely resonate not just with listeners, but within the IT industry as well.  


Podcast: Democratising the data science space with David Kell

Our guest David Kell shares his own wild ride, leaving university to start a successful series of start-ups...


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