We often dream of jumping into a business endeavor with our friends, and while that seems like a great idea, it’s not something we see every day. But Tamás Petrovics – Co-Founder & CEO of the Austrian healthtech startup XUND actually pulled it off. Tamás left consulting and founded XUND together with his longtime friends Lukas Seper and Dr. Zoltán Tarabó back in 2018. Tamás’ vision is to improve access to healthcare by putting people first. With XUND, he enables healthcare companies to build their own digital patient journey and transform unstructured data collected from the patient into actionable insights.

Make that jump, take that leap – whatever the outcome, you’ll come out better at the end of it, both as a leader and as a person.

The company’s flagship product is an AI-powered Medical API that provides symptom and risk assessment capabilities to help navigate patients to the best point of care. The underlying database is powered by the automated analysis of more than 2 million medical publications through proprietary NLP solutions.


Podcast: With Algorithms to Better Healthcare with Tamás Petrovics

In this frantic age, in this frantic world, there is no shortage of demand for more, and more, and more – but what happens when an industry vital for the functioning of modern society is under sustained and increasing pressure? Tech jumps in to help…

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