Saeed Amidi

Saeed Amidi is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in founding, operating, and growing successful companies. He has successfully started and grown businesses from all around the globe including Spain, Germany, France, Singapore, and more. Saeed has been investing in technology companies for over 15 years and holds successful investments in over 1,000 technology companies.   

If you’re passionate about something and you, do it every day, it’s not considered hard work, but rather hard play. The kind of play that fans the flames of technology, knowledge, and success.

Saeed’s passion is inspiring and helping entrepreneurs and startups to execute on their ideas, and turn them into businesses that drive progress, change, and have a positive impact in people’s lives. 


Podcast: Empowering Greatness in the World of Tech with Saeed Amidi

Meet Saeed Amidi, the CEO of Plug and Play, the world’s largest early-stage investor and business accelerator.


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