Emre Turan

Chief Technology Officer at UNL Global

Emre Turan is the current CTO at UNL, a smart addressing platform for navigation & location-based services. He has a computer science background, 10+ years hands-on software engineering experience and exceptional leadership skills. Very early in his career he developed an iOS application that became very popular in Turkey. This took his career in an upward direction and he had different job experiences which made him the tech leader he is today.

He is currently fully managing the development processes, designing systems, building motivated product teams and a thought leader for his company.

“My passion, especially in my current role, is creating an environment for the people in which they can be creative and happy about what they do. Especially for the technical ones.”

Now let’s talk about the fact that 4 billion people in the world do not have an address. We take it for granted in first and 2nd world nations. But imagine not having a framework to get things to you. Shocking! This is why Emre Turan, the tech leader of UNL Globalleads the tech to create the internet of places. An addressing system to bring people out of address poverty. Maybe we in more modernized countries will adopt the same system. Thus, creating a standardized global standard. 


Podcast: Solving address poverty with Emre Turan

You wouldn’t believe it, but 4 billion people in the world do not have an address. We take it for granted in first and 2nd world nations. But imagine…


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