Florian Klemt

Co-founder and CTO at Fashion Cloud

Florian is an Engineer that has risen to the position of leadership quickly. From Engineer to CTO in a stylish leap. He has a laser style focus on ensuring the outcomes to the end client and the business are with minimal effort. Much of this gravitates around ensuring the code base is maintained well and written in ways that allow it to serve the organization continuously.  

“Be brave and be honest and always ask yourself why are you doing the things you’re doing.”

Florian is an avid believer that a business with a good culture of work-life balance creates great outcomes for the end client, the business itself, and the people within the organization. And yes, that includes leadership. As he puts it, happy developers, happy business. To create this healthy culture socializing is an important part of his efforts, creating crossfunctional get together so people from different areas of work can get to know each other. 

As a leader, he is direct, saying-it-as-it-is, so that the business and teams can operate from reality and honesty. He requests that back in return as he leads from a place of continuous learning. The startup spirit is alive and well in Florianorbitand he works hard to maintain that as it provides the energy and agility to create a great company that he loves working for 

Its great to have Florian in the IT Labs tech leaders’ group, bring his energy, directness, and fun to the space. 


Podcast: Leadership with style with Florian Klemt

In this podcast, we look at an interesting B2B startup called Fashion Cloud. In particular to its CTO, Florian Klemt. The business idea that was born…


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