Hazel Olivier 

CTO at Nimbla 

Hazel is a dedicated, versatile, and highly motivated tech leader with a 30+ year proven track recordincluding work in the UK and internationally. She’s also served 10+ years in senior and executive management, most recently as a CTO (at the shareholder & operational board level). She is a natural leader who manages, motivates, and supports teams to maximize performance and profits, covering all aspects within the IT arena across multiple industries. 


Her stand-out areas of expertise are: 

  • Proven experience in building and scaling significant and complex engineering teams. 
  • Being a visionary and inspirational manager who delivers agile transformation and utilizes technology for pragmatic reasons. 
  • Her refreshing and forwardthinking approach to leadership and mentoring; allowing individuals to shine and take the limelight 
  • Cultivating curious mindset and passion regarding product innovation. 
  • Being a true collaborator who shows genuine humility and empathy 


Her specialties include: 

  • Growth strategy and exit strategy experience 
  • Strong stakeholder management (influencing, negotiation, collaboration) 
  • Organizational skills, particularly in challenging and changing working environments 
  • Being driven by a passion for strategic planning and a history of delivering multimillionpound programs through accurate budgeting, forecasting, resource planning, and invoicing, including P&L responsibility 
  • Boardlevel experience; motivational leadership with exceptional people-management skills; extensive technical background in multiple software and hardware platforms; 

I was one of the lucky ones. I fell into technology by accident, in the old days technology wasn’t something that females were really into..”

When you speak to Hazel, you can see clearly her passion for technology, especially around security. She also has a strong focus on communicationbelieving that this trumps most other aspects in the technology space. Without effective communication, organizations likely risk wasting time, resources, and opportunities. Hazel has a democratic leadership style, open to hearing the best ideas and making sure that those that serve the customer and the business win out. 


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