Ori Erez is the Director of Engineering at Lemonade, a full-stack insurance carrier built to provide the most delightful and transparent insurance experience in the world. Before joining Lemonade, Ori led multiple customer payments teams at Booking.com’s Amsterdam and Shanghai offices. 

First, define the values that you care about, and which would fit your business. Then build your teams by finding people that live and breathe those values.

Prior to this, Ori was the Director of Engineering at Invest.com where he built the engineering team from the ground up, and later founded Lendoit, a P2P Lending platform based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Passionate about building products from a young age, Ori started coding at the age of 12 and hasn’t looked back since. 


Podcast: Teching up Insurance into a Social Good with Ori Erez

To learn more about how the company Lemonade works, and the tech-dealings behind the scenes, we got Ori Erez, their Director of Engineering.

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