Guy Duncan

CTO of Tide 

Guy is a passionate technologist, leading Tide’s rapidly growing technology division as the business banking platform moves towards becoming the UK’s leading business banking challenger. He joined Tide as CTO in September 2019, having held roles at BMW Group, where he was Chief Technology Officer for the Group’s Connected Company and as Chief Technology Officer at PayU / Naspers.

Focusing on outcomes instead of processes seems counterintuitive and counterproductive, but that allows people to think outside the box and find multiple ways to a goal, a destination. You won’t produce as much, but that little you do – it will all be gems..

Guy Duncan is not your average CTO, or your stereotypical techie who’s all entrepreneurial and swashbuckling. He’s all about reality, real presentation, and his honest and direct way of answering questions and describing events, experiences, and sharing knowledge can be a real fortune to anyone willing to listen to his CTO gospel, right in our episode of CTO Confessions. 


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