Rick Goold

Managing Director at AIS

Podcast – Episode 45:
Piloting tech innovation in the airport industry

The story of an RAF pilot-turned-tech-leader who’s seen IT evolve, from mainframes to the modern super digital world of today

From time to time, we come across a very niche organization–one that has evolved with the industry over many years. Well, Airport Information Systems is one of those businesses, creating Flight Information Display Systems and Aeronautical Billing Systems for the industry. Rick Goold, the managing director of said company, joins us to share his journey as a tech leader and how he and his business have carved out a successful piece of the airport industry.

I believe if you’re a good business leader, you can have a good technological background, but you understand the day-to-day problems and you’re able to attribute them to the solutions that you’re going to offer your customers.

What with Rick’s 3-decade career spanning many evolutions of the IT industry, he has a noteworthy perspective on things that have passed and things to come. 

Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • How AIS serves the airport industry and gets their products hitting the bull’s eye 
  • Ricks journey as a tech leader from early mainframes to the modern digital world we are immersed in 
  • How as a business leader, you can set up feedback loops and let them have a life of their own (user groups for people who use the product) 

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