Brian Hough

CTO at Beam Dental

Brian Hough has a passion for creating and maintaining high-performing Development and Engineering teams. Teams that provide targeted business and technical leadership to reshape infrastructures, launch platforms, deliver on long-awaited functions, and champion product road mapping, strategic planning, and company vision setting. He has grown numerous talented groups from single to triple digits, advancing organizational cultures and reputations to generate constant streams of top talent and the ability to engage in selective hiring practices. He has proven hands-on full-cycle development and architecture skills alongside all of this, possessing robust foundational design and development experience.

“… we’ve all either worked or been associated with organizations that struggle with the divide between engineering, product and design. So [Beam Dental] was the perfect opportunity for me to truly marry all three because I’m responsible for all of them … if I can’t make them work together, it’s my own fault!”

His most recent engagement has been a truly interesting and unique one. He was approached by Beam Dental to scale up the engineering and technology talent, reorganize the product group, build the product design and research function, and evangelize a customer-first mentality to support exponential member growth. When you listen to his Podcast (see below), you get to see that he not only talks-the-talk on this; he also walks-the-walk. There is a clear thought out strategy to ensure that the end product solution is a customer-centric one.

On top of this daytime role, Brian also donates his valuable time to an open-source software project with more than 9 Million monthly downloads ( A truly technical CTO, with lots of wisdom to share.


Podcast: Leading technology with a toothbrush with Brian Hough

Brian Hough, Dental Beams CTO, joins us to talk about his tech challenges and wisdom around creating a truly customer-centric product.


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