As the holiday season approaches, we have another great success to celebrate. TalkMarkets, one of our largest partner projects, has proudly reached 1.000.000 page views. As a token of gratitude, Mr. Boaz Berkowitz, TalkMarkets CEO, congratulated us and sent a special thanks to the TalkMarkets team here at IT Labs for all of their dedication and hard work.

TalkMarkets started as a project back in 2012 when we noticed how all other financial news-related sites were presenting the same information in the same manner to all of their visitors. So we asked ourselves: Why? Why present the same information to everyone when not all readers have the same preferences. So we came up with an idea to create a news aggregator that delivers information and advice to users based on their knowledge level, specific interests, and needs. That’s how TalkMarkets was created.

Over the last two years, we enhanced the user experience, got over 1,000 registered users, built up a base of authority writers and financial analysts to express their opinion and findings, and we reached over 1.000.000 page views.

Congratulations TalkMarkets! We’ll make sure you keep growing!