We cannot be prepared for the future, without first thinking about and working on digitalization and digital skills. Every country that strives to grow and develop and become an important cog in the global economy must focus on digitalization. The benefits of a fully digitalized and functional society are endless – and this is something that developing countries can use to make big leaps on their path to modernization. 

In Macedonia, there is a significant lack of people who have proper digital skills, and on average, are far behind their EU counterparts – and not just for professional use, but personal as well. 

Young Macedonians are the ones that are expected to be the driving force behind this digitalization process, spearheading digital transformation in all areas, but what challenges are they facing now? How can that process be more efficient? What do young people need in order to be able to reach the “next level”? 

This topic, these questions, and many more – were all part of the discussion we had at the Re:Imagine session that was organized together with Macedonia2025, titled ‘Digital Transformation – Young People As Catalysts for Progress’, held on 28.11.2022, at which we had Mihail Ognenovski as moderator, and Prof. Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski, Marko Serafimovski, and Andrej Petreski as panelists! 

A video of the discussion right on below!