When in nature, enjoy it – and that’s exactly what we did on our day in beautiful Mavrovo. A group of us got there early in the morning, in our hiking gear, ready to explore the trails! 

On the way up, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and some of our team members who are acquainted with nature actually managed to find and forage some mushrooms! We got the pics to prove, right below. 

All in all? It was a day of bonding, having fun, helping one another to get through the demanding slopes and steep parts of the trail, reaching and enjoying places that offered breathtaking views, and we capped it all with a hearty lunch in one of the wonderful restaurants below. 

We’d go on and on to explain and capture the energy and enjoyment, but the pictures below should paint the picture. 

You want to be a part of something like this? Join us and be part of the next hiking trip.

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