We started our Re:Imagine sessions with one goal in mind – to give experts, leaders, and people with ideas the platform to share their know-how, experience, and findings – and maybe even find like-minded people to join them on their journey! The sessions are powered by IT Labs – a company with a vision to enable clients to compete through tech while providing a platform for bright heads to grow and develop into top-notch tech professionals.

And here, for you, we got the first one! To share with everyone who couldn’t make it to the session, but would still like to hear from IT Labs’ CIO, Blagoj Kjupev!

This session will give an excellent overview of the required steps to set and monitor a team that will bring success to any project/start-up. Based on Blagoj’s many years of experience, he’ll discuss the possible scenarios from real-life scenarios and how to overcome the most common problems. He’ll also give a great overview of the whole process – from the idea of putting together a team all the way to project execution, all with examples of different team setups.

Topics covered:

  • What is a winning team? 
  • Project team planning 
  • Team overture 
  • Team setup samples 
  • The six thinking roles/models 
  • The “surgeon” approach