Helm is a tool that in some manner simplifies the process of deployment, maintenance, and removal of the applications in Kubernetes’ cluster. It is also called a Package Manager for Kubernetes, because it unites all needed Kubernetes resources for application in one single package that can be used for easy deploy, maintain, or remove application from Kubernetes. 


Helm became quite popular, and many commonly used applications have their own helm charts publicly available that can be used for simple and quick installation on Kubernetes. Also, a lot of organizations are using Helm for their applications, integrating it in their CI/CD automation process. 

On 10.11.2022, IT Labs’ Vladimir Trajchev will dived deep into the subject, in a Re:Imagine session, at which he talked about the perks of Helm, how it can help you, its functionalities, and how you can use it to your advantage! 


A full video on the subject is right below. 

Topics covered:

  • Basic Helm Concepts 
  • Helm as a package manager 
  • Helm in Action (Demo1)  
  • Helm as a deployment template 
  • Helm in Action (Demo2)