So, Martin, first things first - how did you end up with us? 

That is actually a funny story, I applied for an internship, and I was called to do an interview with one of the mentors, but it turned out that they thought I was applying for 1 month internship with no option for employment after finishing but at the interview one of the mentors, Miki Jovanovski, started firing the questions, which I answered and in the end he went ‘why are you applying for a 1-month internship and not the one that is 3 months with an option for employment?’, I was confused but said that I would prefer that one, and Ana Georgieva, the recruiter back then told me that those places are already filled. Guess what, the next day, I got a call, and they said we want you! Bottom line, the lesson from this would be there is always space for good prospects!! 

What was your experience in the internship program? With the mentors? 

I honestly started the internship without any prior experience, and I was kind of lost at the beginning but with hard work, great guidance and help from the best mentors Aleksandra Vinokikj and Miki Jovanovski to whom I will be forever thankful I managed to finish the internship with solid experience to start and succeed in my career!

What do you see yourself doing in the future? The only way is up, so where exactly is that?

It might be a bit bold and overconfident, but my answer would be – at the top 😀. Perhaps start with leading my own team and then continue to the top.  

What does your average day look like?  

Writing code, solving challenges, reading as much as I can on new technology, and of course joking and laughing with IT-Labers. 

You got a favorite quote? Something that’s sort of like a mantra? 

 " It is not how you start but rather how you finish "