computer shut down Remember those days when you could look at the clock and know exactly how long it was until you could stop working and go home? Over the last six months, as a result of the transformation of the workplace due to Covid-19, things changed, and the physical barrier between work and everyday living got blurred for millions of people. Working from home turned homes into offices, which can be tricky when you want to press the off button at the end of the day.

The physical office is a symbol of some kind, a place where a person can dig in on the tasks and then leave it behind at the end of the day. Thus focusing on other segments of life such as friends, family, and hobbies. Considering that now the line is blurred and everyday living is mixed with other chores (e.g., helping kids with homeschooling), it’s becoming a challenge to focus on work and then unplug.

The other challenge is that your work is literally constantly at your side. The computer is near you, and in fact, your home is your office! So it’s easy to get caught into a cycle of “just checking something“, and finding yourself finishing up things all the time. This can lead you to burnout without you even realizing it. So, to prevent this from happening, you can do something about it, while social distancing and keeping safe.

Change the routine

We are creatures of habit. Just imagine how many things you are doing because it’s part of your routine. The longer you follow a pattern, it becomes part of your identity, and then it becomes really difficult to leave it behind. So, if you are constantly checking emails on your phone (even when it’s 9 PM), you should work on establishing a new routine and teach yourself when to switch off. Staring at your phone late at night doesn’t help your sleep, so if you are scared that you will miss something even if you blink, you really should work on that, because it is a constant pursuit of a damaging illusion, that you can control everything, when in fact your bad habits are controlling you.

In this situation, you are probably affected by something called Attention Residue, a condition defined as having persisting thoughts about a task while performing another task. This leads to you constantly doing tasks in your mind. So when working from home, you are working without knowing when to stop jumping from one thing to another. It’s a cycle that you need to break free from because when the work you do is constantly staring at you, you can’t concentrate and be focused enough.

woman at home working on computerThe out of sight rule

The computer, the phone are symbols that your brain connects with work and tasks. And when your home is your office, that computer screen is your reminder that there is stuff to do. Also, the constant notifications on your phone don’t help if you want to switch off. So, turn off every notification that disrupts your personal time. There is another trick you can do. Physical separation is really important. In this case, if you have suitable environmental conditions, separate the place where you work from the rest of your home, so you can really leave it behind.


A light walk or a bicycle ride can put your mind at ease. Exercise has an impact not just on your physical wellbeing, but also your mental health. Something that is extremely important when life or work conditions have changed. You will naturally experience heightened stress because of the new circumstances, such as being constantly at home, not knowing how to break apart from the tasks, and when to switch off. Find half an hour after the working day is done, and dedicate it to exercise or some relaxation practice. Even your home can be the place where you conduct these destressing activities. For example, you can start practicing yoga. Just choose the activity that fits you best.

Find your hobby

Reading, cooking, painting, DIY crafts, even watching your favorite show is a good way to distract your mind and constructively spend your personal time. Maybe if you get yourself into a bigger project (e.g. doing something for your home) that constantly needs your attention, will help you shift the routine.

Family time

It sounds like a cliché. In this situation, it’s more like a paradox. Aren’t you already at home with everyone? Well, in fact, it is different. Quality time with your partner and kids is completely different from constantly being in the same space at the same time. It’s easy to get the impression that if you are working remotely with your loved ones around you, you’ve done your part. But between tasks, meetings, and everything else that working remotely brings along, can you honestly say that you are spending quality time with the people around you? It’s time to change one’s perspective on that. If you’ve found that balance, kudos to you!


Maja Tanushoska

Digital Marketing Specialist