The “I Am Woman” conference is organized by three young women, enthusiasts who’re looking to improve the rights and freedoms of women in Macedonia: Ana Dukoska, founder of ‘Macedonians Abroad’, Ilina Pejoska Zaturoski, UX/UI designer and an owner of ‘BEBEBOKS’, and Katerina Klimovska, President of ISLAA.
The purpose? Shedding light on women who are successful in unconventional and/or male-dominated industries, and are fighting for women’s rights, and are all-around inspirational. This conference will put all of these exemplary women in one place, giving them a platform on which they can share their experiences, so that others may learn from them, and find ways how we can ensure full and equal women’s participation in all facets of society.

As a company, IT Labs is dedicated to providing a platform on which women can grow and develop, and as strong believers in equality and diversity, know that conferences like this must be supported if we want to move forward, towards a better, more just society.