The role of women in society has changed over the years, but has their position changed? Has there been progress? Questions like these and many others were asked, debated, and answered yesterday, March 7th, during the discussion of our IT Lab women with Ljupka Trajanovska, an experienced activist with a demonstrated history of working in the civic and social organization industry. The topic of the discussion was “Women’s Role in Society: 2022” at which a brief overview of the history of women’s movements was covered, together with how the movement has changed over the years, and how women have gone lengths in their search for equal treatment. 

And March 8th – the International Women’s Day – is the day on which we raise awareness to all the obstacles women have pushed through, the barriers they have torn down, and the things they have achieved that contributed to making the world a better place. 

Women’s Roles and Standing in Society – an Overview: 

With all the effort already put into improving the position of women in society, there is still much to be done, as some of the stats in North Macedonia show that: 

  • less than half of all the women of age are employed 
  • less than 30% of all real-estate owners are women 
  • on average, they earn about 15-20% less than men 
  • over 220,000 women that are counted on as housewives are not considered to be workers, and are not compensated for their efforts 

This imbalance is a clear sign that not all women have the same opportunities nor the same support when it comes to their professional lives, and more often than not, they end up depending on their partners. 

What Can be Done 

From that first march for Women’s Rights back 1910, many will say that that’s history – but it’s history that we’re living right now, and there’s lot of work still to be done. So here and now, what can we all do? How do we ensure that women get to the position in society, in business, in tech – that they deserve? 

At IT Labs, 50% of our workforce consists of women, and this extends to management and executive positions as well, and we’ve achieved this by empowering women and giving them the same opportunities that men enjoy and providing them with a platform to grow and develop. 

We are guided by the concept of meritocracy, a concept which has proved, time and again, that given the opportunity, women will reach the same heights as men – and some will even go above it! 

Happy International Women’s Day!