What Is the Metaverse?

To start, we need to clarify what the word, Metaverse, stands for. The Metaverse is a joint representation of two familiar concepts that people have been trying to perfect and implement in tech for a couple of years now – Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). This concept merges these two and creates a place where you could do things you’re doing in real life, but in a virtual setting – The Metaverse.


Why Is It Happening Now?

Being first out of the gate is really important in any new tech. So, companies like Facebook and Microsoft have already jumped on this trend and started making plans on how they can improve this “New Universe.”
Why is this happening at this moment of time, and why, all of a sudden, are companies starting to implement this new concept?
Part of the answer lies in Facebook’s rebranding that happened at the end of last year. This rebranding is the main reason why people think that the Metaverse is the same as “Meta,” Facebook’s rebranded company that includes all its subsidiaries.
But there’s more to this trend.

Constant improvement in technology, combined with the number of hours people are spending in front of their computers, allows companies to start entertaining the idea of combining the real and virtual world, and mix them up into a more intuitive world. 

  • Why spend money and go to the office when you could visit the virtual office from in the Metaverse, from the comfort of your own home?
  • Why go to the supermarket and buy the groceries when you can visit the virtual E-store and make your order from there?
  • Why go outside and socialize with people when you can go visit the nightclub in the Metaverse?

These are just some ways that these tech-giants are selling the Metaverse idea to regular people. And the ads and marketing campaigns promoting the Metaverse are becoming more and more prominent with each passing day. But why are they doing this? What benefits might they get from getting people onto the Metaverse, and how can they monetize it in order to start earning from people being there?


To understand the monetization part of the Metaverse and how Tech Giants and other brands will be able to use it, first, we’ll need to understand the technologies that it implements and the features it offers to its “inhabitants.”

As we already mentioned above, VR and AR are a crucial part of the Metaverse, but so is blockchain tech – a decentralized network where the Metaverse is living. It also uses technologies such as NFTs and Cryptocurrencies that are also a part of the Blockchain in order to make the experience even better. Multiplayer games are also a part of the Metaverse, which will basically allow you to play them in virtual reality.

People are already spending crazy amounts of money in order to be the first ones, the early adopters of this idea. There are thousands of stories circulating on the internet. One of these stories is about an investor paying nearly half a million USD in order to be Snoop Dogg’s Neighbor in the Metaverse. Celebrities, as well as businesspeople, have paid a ridiculous amount of money, and regular people are following them.

Nike, Adidas, Dolce and Gabbana, and other famous brands are quietly preparing for the coming of the Metaverse. Other brands are not so quiet about it. Fashion companies, in particular, have dropped countless NFTs, which once the Metaverse becomes a thing, will be turned into fashion pieces there.

How Can You Monetize Your Business in The Metaverse?

As we already mentioned before, the Metaverse will become an integral part of the lives of many people. With the improvements people are making, there will be countless opportunities for businesses of all sizes, as well as earning possibilities for regular people.

So how will you be able to use the Metaverse for the advantage of your business? Here are a couple of ways we’ve thought about:

Virtual Products

Creating and selling virtual goods on the internet has been a proven technique for improving the financial state of your business. And, when you think about it, the manufacturing costs of a virtual product are much lower than those of a physical one. Add to that the obvious lack of shipping costs as well, and you can take out a significant chunk of the price of the product if you are able to sell it as a virtual/digital product.

Fashion brands have already jumped on this train as we mentioned earlier and started giving away virtual pieces of clothing alongside their NFTs.

NFT VIP Access

I am still to meet a person who hasn’t heard about NFTs. And this popularity is not based only on the fact that they’re a great way of making a quick buck. In fact, the reason why NFTs are becoming so popular is because these pieces of digital possessions can be used in the Metaverse as well. Whether it being a digital real-estate or something as minute as NFT shoes.
So, you, as a brand, could use these NFTs (whatever they might be) as a Special VIP Access to something your community might want.

Virtual Product Designing and Customization

Another thing you could do to improve your brand’s exposure would be to use the metaverse to allow your customers seamless and easy product customization. There are tons of configurators that allow laypeople an easy-to-use program in order to customize virtual products to their liking.

Virtual Showrooms, Meet-Ups and Seminars

Events such as Meet-ups, seminars, and showrooms are guaranteed to collect a massive audience if the reason why they’re meeting is good. Showrooms are a great way of letting people get a hands-on experience with your product without the need to buy it. So, the potential here is as big as your imagination.


So, what do you think of the Metaverse? Is it the future of the internet as we know it, or is it just a feature of it? Will you be investing in different parts of the Metaverse, or will you be waiting to see what will happen to the early adopters?