It’s amazing how organizing a team-building activity can boost productivity. Our company recognizes the added value of these activities, so we decided to take part in the Mavrovo Maximum Adventure (MMA) in Mavrovo, Macedonia. The event took place on 5-7 June and combines exciting sports and recreational competitions for all levels of participants. We experienced everything Mavrovo had to offer by having fun, challenging ourselves, enjoying the action, discovering the outdoors, and most importantly, creating lasting memories.

We were greeted by the event organizers when we arrived at 6:30 P.M. on Friday evening. After freshening up, we made our way to the club, Ratrak. The band had a great set and we danced the night away. The next morning, the adventure games began. Our guys were divided into mixed teams with a maximum of six. The event’s competitive character made it possible for our employees to match their skills in the following activities: mountain running and mountain biking, archery and shooting, spear throwing, playing darts, kayak racing on calm water, and cross bike and jeep races.

It was great seeing our guys cheering passionately for each of the teams as their adrenalin rushed. Our kayak racers, Ilija and Vlatko, put everything they had into the race and finished with the second best time, winning a silver medal. Our guys and gals were fast in the mountain running race while their teammates were cheering them on. Our bicyclists were impressive, riding through the picturesque terrain; but the ultimate congrats go to Dijana, who cross the finished line second and won Silver medal. Afterwards, when the contests in archery and shooting, spear throwing and darts took place, the excitement reached its peak. More medals were earned as Ilija took the Gold in archery, Aleksandar took the Silver in darts, and the Bronze in shooting. Miki finished third winning the Bronze medal for darts, and Blagoja won the Bronze for displaying his natural talent in spear throwing. We celebrated our successes late into the night at Ratrak with a Royale Casino-themed party.

Sunday morning was reserved for the actual adventure games. The team’s compatibility, strengths, and tactics were measured throughout the various games. This thrilling experience came to an end with the announcement of the winners and presentation of the medals. All in all, this was such an incredible experience for all of us. We increased and improved our team spirit and compatibility, and discovered a little more about each other. We took some great photos so check them out to see how we partied.

Marija Karkalasheva,
Content Creator