What will you get from this Summer Internship program? 

This training is all about learning how to design modern chips using the latest technology. IT Labs is building a team of skilled engineers who can create digital systems using HDL technology for which we need additional ambitious students willing to learn new and thrilling technology. The training program, supported by our colleagues and partners, includes a well-planned roadmap that will teach you the specific skills and techniques needed to design and verify HDL-based systems. You’ll get hands-on experience working with real FPGA and CPLD chipsets, where you’ll tackle different data and signal processing tasks through practical examples and projects. 

The summer internship program extends over four weeks, starting at the beginning of July 2023. 

So, what’s so cool about Chip Design? 

You’ll be unleashing your creativity using a unique methodology that’s essential for building complex digital systems. In this training, you’ll dive into VHDL, a powerful textual modeling language that brings your designs to life.  

Who can apply? 

This program will be a fit for college students in the field of technology and computer science, who’re currently in the third and last year of their studies, as well as computer science and engineering graduates.  

Candidate Prerequisites: 


  • Basics of electrotechnics 
  • Basic of digital electronics 
  • Boolean algebra and discrete logic devices 

Nice to have: 

  • Successfully passed exams on Advanced Electronics course 
  • Basic understanding of HW configuration with VHDL


On Wednesday, March 22nd , starting from 5 PM CET, an Open Day for Chip Design with HDL Training will be held at the Amphitheatre on FINKI, at which IT Labs’ Chief Innovation Officer, Blagoj Kjupev, will dive into detail about FPGA – from what FPGA is and how it can be used, all the way to talking about the training program, the structure of the program, and dive a bit more into all the necessary requirements in order for applicants to be able to successfully complete the training! 

How can I Apply? 

You can send your resume

Right Here!