You’ve been with us for two years now - how is going so far? What are you most proud of?

I joined ITLabs as a Junior Business Analyst in January 2021 after completing my internship in the summer of 2020. So far, I’ve had the chance to work on different projects and industries and collaborate with a diverse team of great professionals I’ve learned so much from! Most proud of? I believe it is the project I am currently working on as a BA, being the first project I am entirely leading by myself—also, the possibility to bring our team to the Jumpstarter’s finals. Jumpstarter is an EU initiative and program where ITLabs applied in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering (FEIT) Skopje with a solution that focuses on the establishment of an EV platform with a purpose of developing a modern solution that will support the growing EV infrastructure in Macedonia, with a view to expand it in the region.

What’s the biggest change you experienced with IT Labs? What surprised you the most?

The good thing about the tech industry and IT environment, I guess, is that it is never dull. Change is our constant, we live it daily, meeting different customers, working with a different set of people, and technologies, and facing different challenges both from tech and business perspectives. Having this in mind, I cannot think of something in particular that surprised me the most, work-related. On the other hand: the people – ITLabs is full of amazing people. Friendly, and always willing to contribute both to the company and outside of it. We’ve seen many small acts of kindness making the change for our small communities.

You obviously want to progress and grow and probably have a plan on what and who you want to be 5 years from now  care to share?

Five years from now seems like a reasonable time for me to gain some deep experience in business analysis practices and start climbing the project management ladder. Also, during my master’s studies, I’ve been focused a lot on the operational side of the business, so in maybe 6-7 years from now, I’d really like to see myself covering the role of operations management, improving processes, performance while helping the organization with operational strategies and improve our day-to-day work and working conditions.

Favorite thing to do with co-workers?

Honesty, I did not have enough opportunities to spend some time with my colleagues and do some activities. With the whole Covid-19 thing going on, between personal and professional stuff, I can say that I barely worked for 2-3 months from the office, while mostly doing my job from home. I participated in a few of the many knowledge share sessions we have at IT Labs, and I attended a couple of happenings in the office Arena. Since I prefer live gatherings, I’d say that the Arena gatherings and events are my favorite so far.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to future techies?

Have no fear when joining the IT world. It is a fun place to grow both as a professional and human! 

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