The process of finding the right talent that will fit with the company culture is challenging alone.  At the same time, you want people that possess values that align with that of the organization. We get it! It’s tough going. In the pool of people with great resumes or maybe the lack of it, the HR department faces a really big question: how can you have active involvement and be the decision-maker in molding a talent right from the start, especially when you are an IT company? The answer is very simple – a company should develop an internship program. This is why.

internsThe bridge between the talent and opportunity

Yes, trying to find a talent that fits the requirements for a particular job can be a challenge. This is because you don’t choose a person just based on the resume. That person should possess soft skills and personal traits that add to what’s written down on paper. So the question arises: How can you develop talent instead of looking for it?

Additionally, you will find young talents who have theoretical knowledge, which on its own, simply isn’t enough to be competitive in the tech industry. So, how do you find the middle ground in this? One of the answers is developing an internship program that will allow your company to mold the next tech generation, and create conditions for interns that will lead to full employment. This is a win-win situation. If you are a graduate that faces the competition and has no practical knowledge, being part of an internship program is a great opportunity to overcome this obstacle. The internship program is literally the bridge between the talent and the chance to become a permanent member of the team or be ready to face the competition on the field.

Companies that have internship programs also have a great ratio between interns that became employees. IT Labs is a great example of this – our program dates from 2010, and over 95% of our interns have become permanent members of our team.

It will give you a perspective on how things change

Do you think you know the talent market? Think again. Things are changing fast with every new generation. They think, behave, and feel differently from the previous one. Your company should be able to catch that on time because the new generations are your future employees, and if you don’t see how things are changing, you won’t be able to provide what they need or expect. There are a number of important things that companies should be aware of – the employees want to be understood, accepted, and easily adjusted too. You can’t create the conditions to do that if you don’t know how the new generation thinks or feels.
The internship program is the best way for your company to get introduced to the new generation, and give you a fresh perspective on how things will develop so that you can adapt on time. This can be interpreted in lots of things, starting from how a job position is perceived, introducing new benefits, and create better environments for work.

Attractive young woman working in modern startup office

Develop mentorship and leadership skills

It’s not easy to be a mentor. It’s a valuable skill that connects knowledge with the ability to share that knowledge while still delivering tasks. Having employees who actively mentor others and have a leadership role in molding the new tech generation makes your company stronger. This is because you are also investing in the skills of your current team. The more often they practice these skills, the better outcome you will have for your organization and the business culture you nurture.

It simplifies the hiring process

Having an internship program is a way for the company to meet future employees. Scanning the talent market and searching for the right person can be time-consuming. The whole process can be simplified if you create strategically and well thought of internship programs that will attract talented people eager to learn, and also motivate them to contribute with their ideas. It is a two-way street! Yes, it is an opportunity to train people and adjust them to the company culture and see if they fit with your vision and values. At the same time, this is a fantastic opportunity for a company to embrace changes in the market and get a fresh perspective. You never know what kind of initiative or idea can come from a talented young mind.

Giving back to the (tech) community

Having a direct role in developing the new tech generation isn’t just a way for the company to find the best talent and adjust it to its surroundings and values. It’s also a way to contribute to the big picture and to the whole tech community. It is one of the best ways to enrich the market, share knowledge, and prepare the next generation for what awaits, thus helping the tech industry itself.


Maja Tanushoska

Digital Marketing Specialist