A decade as part of IT Labs! You probably got loads of stories to tell, but let’s start the proper way  at the beginning  how did you end up at IT Labs?

I started out as an Intern – fresh out of college, I was looking for a place where I could learn and get to work and was really excited to start somewhere, and I saw the call online and applied here right away. I got in as a Backend engineer, finished the internship, and while I liked the backend stuff, I realized that I have a knack for being a good support engineer as well – I was interested in the processes, the infrastructure of the projects, the pipelines, and all the elements that ensured that the whole project can flow seamlessly.

At the time, DevOps was still not a regular mainstay in the world of tech, but I did it anyways and learned loads, and became a full-time DevOps engineer about 5 years ago.

In the ten years you’ve been here so far, what is the one thing you’d say you’re most proud of?

That’s a hard one – I’ve accomplished so much here so far, and all of the things I’m proud of are the things that have helped me grow and have guided me. If I had one thing to pick, it’s how easy it has become for me to develop relationships with our clients.

As I was learning more and growing as a tech professional, I also developed my soft skills, which allowed me to strike an understanding with clients almost immediately. This in turn allowed me to become more efficient and tackle issues right away and deliver results earlier than expected. My efforts have been noticed and acknowledged and have pushed me to become better at what I do!

You’ve come a long way since your first day  a word or two on your development as a tech pro in this past decade?

From the day I entered as a full-time employee until now I’ve learned so many things that I think I can’t even number them as they’ve become something natural – learning is a natural thing and it happens all the time, but it’s especially important when you do it on the things you want, right?

As I mentioned, with DevOps, I nurtured my interest in infrastructure, pipelines, delivery, deployment – basically the whole process, and I knew that this particular area interests me very much as I can see the whole project flowing in a direction, which in turn allows me to anticipate better and be better prepared for future stages. Now, I feel that I can understand what needs to be done as soon as I lay my eyes on technical documentation or a brief – something I thought wasn’t possible when I first started out.

Tech talent is in demand, and the job market in the tech industry is dynamic  it’s only normal for techies to switch companies and move on. What made you stick with IT Labs all this time?

When I started out my journey, I never thought about limitations or an end date. From day one, when the company was smaller and there were fewer people working, the mood and the atmosphere among the teams while working and also outside of work has been the same – everyone helps one another, they’re positive, very easy going. This has been crucial in allowing me to express myself and grow in skills and in confidence.

As time went by, I realized that learning new things has more to do with being in the right environment, surrounded by the right people, and having the leaders to go to and ask them for guidance, rather than just looking for the right project that would challenge me.

With all your experience, what advice would you give to young techies just entering the tech world?

Adaptation is crucial to learning and success. Knowledge and skills change as time goes by, as some technologies, processes, and methods become outdated, but the ability to adapt is something that will help you navigate through and learn about the new things that are coming out every day!

The other thing is people – focus on people and in developing connections with them, as they will help you be more flexible, adapt, and drive you forward. A good environment with good people is all you need in order to succeed.

So keep an open mind, learn how to adapt to circumstances, bond with people, and everything else will be much easier to take care of!

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