This week, our first batch of interns for 2022 finished their training, and 8 of them will continue their journey with us as full-time team members!
Last year, we called out for all the aspiring and driven young techies that want to make their first steps in the world of technology to come on over and do it with us. In the past three months, the interns had the chance to work on real projects, face a variety of challenges, and learn the tricks of the trade from seasoned professionals. For this one, we had four streams that we focused on:

  • Full-stack (.NET & React)
  • Full-stack (Java & React)
  • QA
  • Python

As a company dedicated to developing talent and enabling young techies on their journey through the tech world, we know and understand the importance of the first steps people make in their careers, and how it can help them to grow and develop continuously.

We have another call for interns open – you interested?

Check the available intern positions on the following links