Anyone who’s ever done something in the tech world will know that the way up is impossible to walk unless you have that deep, burning love for technology and software. Just like our Milos Antic has – from how he made his first steps in the tech world, all the way to how he rediscovered his mojo and passion with IT Labs!

What keeps you motivated at work?

Mostly colleagues, environment, energy that I feel once I sit down in front of the computer. Of course, the project is part of it as well, but for me it’s the most important colleagues.

What drives you? What feeds that flame for learning and creating?

Before everything, my family, the fact that I will become a father and that I need to create a stable future for my family. After that, success, knowledge that I’m getting every day on the project and from my team, the performance that we are making and result of our work.

What annoys you at your job? Something you can’t stand.

When somebody is late on meetings, or when the team it’s not cooperating on a good level, but that’s not the case in the IT Labs.

What advice would you offer to young developers when it comes to loving what they do forever?

Don’t try to be the developer if you don’t love computers and software, otherwise you will start to hate it with the first coding problems. Love is something that keeps you motivated and focused at this job, if you want to join in IT industry just because it’s well paid, you will not much succeed and you will hate it soon or later. People are trying to convince you that you can get a $1000 job with 3-6 months courses, that is impossible, you can get some knowledge but if you want to be a successful developer you need to learn really hard for 12+ hours per day for at least 8-12 months.

What do you like about the working atmosphere at IT Labs?

People, people, people! We have an amazing team, atmosphere, communication so we always have time for fun, random stories, so it is enjoyable and relaxing to be in the team with all professionals from IT Labs. Every problem that we have as a team is extremely easy to solve just because we are solving it together. We have knowledge sessions where we share our knowledge and new founding, this increases your skills incredibly fast. We are working so much with the interns and juniors, I love to see how they progress every day and their transformation into juniors/mediors and impact that they are making after few months is amazing and enjoyable.