On a Hunt

We started off by going on a treasure hunt – with clues and puzzles hidden around Ohrid, all leading to one place – the grand prize. Nine teams, all mixed up, raced to the finish line, picking up clues and moving on to the next location for the next clue, all the way to the finish line.

Kickin’ It Up a Gear

We all huffed and puffed, move here – move there, it might be here, it might be there – but it wasn’t just about speed, we had to use our brains to figure it out as well. And the yellow team beat all the other teams to the punch – deserved winners.

Lakeside Feast

Oh, that prize? A hearty meal over which our teams got to talk, joke, and tease – and see the winning team get their well-deserved praise.

A Speech Because Of Course

Can you even call something a team building without a speech from your execs?
Not really.
We got one that was all about perspective – on all the things we’ve achieved so far, how we’ve grown, and where we’re heading. The present is good, but the future is glimmering.

Late Night Extravaganza

We capped off the first day with a Hollywood-themed party in Hotel Izgrev that went until…we’re not sure. But it had all the makings of a great night: great music, happy people, and some dance moves (no, no one did the robot, stop asking pls).

Teamwork: Tested

The mornings after a party are usually slow, chill, and just for relaxing, right?
Wrong. Those bad people from the organization committee got us doing some stuff that we loved and enjoyed. Every second of it.
We built self-standing bridges with sticks, cannons that we then used to shoot down cans with, picked fruit and vegg, built aquaducts – it was a game of survivor.

A Happy Meal

What’s the best food? The one you cook together with loads of cool people, and then sit down to enjoy it. We got cooking in the Via Ignatia Restaurant in Vevcani, divided into sections, each with their own roles, after which we got to enjoy the fruits of our labors.


Behind all the processes, methods, keystrokes, ads, online platforms for meetings, emails, reactions on social media – we’re still regular people. We have regular needs, we are open to new experiences and learning, and we understand that cooperation and understanding among us is the key to achieving success.
And we got all of this and much more – as we said, describing what we did as a ‘teambuidling’ doesn’t cover it, but all the happy faces do.
Until next year <3

P.S. – Want to come along on the next one and get the full experience? We got open positions!